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"Thank you Rachel for helping me pass FAR! Rachel is thorough and offers clear explanations. Most importantly she is patient and kind. I was feeling overwhelmed and she helped me feel confident and ready. I highly recommend Rachel!"

-Loidys Scott

"Rachel is an amazing tutor. She takes the time to thoroughly explain her own notes that are greatly informative. Rachel makes it possible to remember countless amounts of formulas, and how to apply them. Rachel has been tutoring me two semesters now and has given me all of the tools I need to be successful in college accounting. She goes above and beyond and incorporates many different strategies and methods into her teaching. In addition to accounting Rachel has prepared me for financial firm interviews and with her tactics and advice, I was able to nail the interview. I would recommend her to everyone for her amazing teaching style, personality, and ability to accommodate your schedule. I am so thankful to have such a great accounting tutor!"

-Rachel Simon

"I met with Rachel 8 times to go over some of the more difficult topics in the FAR section of the CPA, and I feel so much more confident going in because of her! She is very prepared, knowledgeable, and organized. The practice questions/exams she set up were a great emphasis of the important concepts of each section we covered. She was also very sweet and made herself always available. I would recommend her to anyone struggling to grasp concepts using CPA software alone, she comes to each session prepared and ready to help!"

-Isis Plana

"I cannot recommend Rachel Mersky, CPA's tutoring service enough! If you are looking for a highly qualified CPA exam tutor to help take your CPA exam scores to the next level, give Rachel a call! She has a soft but strong approach to attacking the CPA exam head on and has helped me think through problems/questions in a new light! If you’re struggling to pass the CPA exam, send her a message - you will not be disappointed!"

-Rachel Commerford

"I worked with Rachel while preparing for the REG exam. She provided me with explanations and even small practice exams which were very helpful in my preparation. She made sure I not only knew the answers but understood the concepts behind them. I definitely would recommend her."

-Danielle T. Olorunnisomo

"I contacted Rachel a week before one of my CPA exams. Not only did she accommodate her schedule to fit me in but she also met with me at a convenient location. Rachel was very knowledgeable in the subject we were covering and gave me great pointers. She even followed up with me the day of my exam to wish me luck. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to refine their skills."

-Sara Rodriguez


"I highly recommend Rachel as a tutor for the CPA exam. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the exam and study techniques for each part. Rachel helped me prepare a workable study schedule considering that, while I prepared, I was working full time and raising my daughter. Overall, Rachel’s help made a huge difference in my performance on the CPA exam, and I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a spectacular tutor."

-Lauren Deutschman

"Having had the pleasure of working under Rachel, I can easily say that her passion and dedication to making sure you understand the material, tailored to the way you learn, easily beats just a textbook and lectures designed as a one-size-fits-all. Not one time did I ever feel alone, and no task was given that wasn’t thoroughly explained to make sure I understood the concepts behind it."

-Yehudah Witherspoon

"Rachel is a highly knowledgeable and professional individual. Rachel was my supervisor for almost a year. During the time we worked together she did a great job at explaining accounting concepts that I struggled with. In addition to explaining the concepts, Rachel took the time to talk about her experiences and how accounting principles are applied in real life. Rachel was always cordial, patient, and ready to answer any question. I highly recommend Rachel as a CPA exam and accounting courses tutor."

-Diego Valles

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