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The CPA exam is a beast, but you can conquer it! It's no secret that the CPA exam is tough and requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. There is currently an average pass rate of approximately 50% on each exam which means for every person that passes another does not. But there is hope! You can successfully pass the exams with the right tools including a prep course and tutor along with the right combination of focus, drive and dedication.

I provide each student with a customized study plan based on individual strengths, weaknesses, goals, and learning style. Whether you are just starting to study or you are stuck on one section, whether you are studying full time or part time, or for any other circumstance you may have, I am here to help you through it. I will tutor you alongside your CPA prep course materials so you can understand each topic completely and master the multiple choice questions (MCQ) and task based simulations (TBS).

One of the most important things I can share with you is how to master not only the material but also the structure and timing of the exam. I'll include tips and information about the application process, exam content, exam structure, exam day, scoring and score releases, managing time, and managing stress.

Becoming a licensed CPA provides you with so many amazing opportunities in the accounting industry and the business world. It’s a privilege for me to help you on your path to success!


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